Case Study: Don't Run from this Promo!

  • Jun 13, 2022

Description: Running Belt Fanny Pack

Industry: Sports / Fitness

What it was purchased for: A nationwide gym chain was looking for an item to give away with the purchase of yearly memberships. They had used gym towels and drawstring backpacks in the past and were interested in a fresh idea. They chose the running belt as it provided their members with a lightweight, stylish option to hold essentials like phones, earbuds, locker keys, etc. while working out.

How it was distributed: The gym handed these out with each new premium membership sold. Due to the popularity, they also made them available for purchase to current members at the front counter of each chain.

Result or ROI: The new gym members appreciated the extra perk given to them and the belts are spotted being used around the club daily. The club staff appreciated that the instances of bags being left around and in the way decreased with the usage of these belts.

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