Swing, Batter! The Best MLB Promotions

  • Dec 8, 2020

Looking beyond the peanuts and Cracker Jacks, there are some creative new promotions heading to major league baseball stadiums this season!  The tradition of these MLB giveaways dates all the way back to 1946 with Bill Veeck, the legendary owner of several different MLB teams. Veeck put on a different promotion almost every night, sometimes giving away live lobsters and guinea pigs, but never announcing any of his off-the-wall promotions in advance. He wanted fans to come to the ballpark and be surprised.

Now, promotions are announced as soon as possible to drum up interest in the coveted giveaways. While you won’t see any lobsters on this list, these creative promotions have us excited for America’s favorite pastime.


Stars Wars Nights

While most of the major league teams host their own special Star Wars nights, the force is strong with the Pirates! With their “Obi Wan Tallion” bobblehead and cinema-quality costumes, Star Wars fans and baseball fans alike will enjoy these memorable giveaways.


The Orioles capitalize on their team colors shared with BB-8 with this beanie and Trey Mancini bobblehead.


MLB X Game of Thrones

Major League Baseball and HBO partnered up to give baseball fans around the country Game of Thrones promotional products. These have gotten fans excited about their teams and have helped the teams sell out their special ticket packages.


Bobbleheads have been a popular promotional product for baseball games for many years now but putting the bobblehead on the iron throne is a new twist that fans are sure to love.


St. Louis Cardinals fans are excited to show off their favorite team with these Game of Thrones-themed shirts. And as an extra bonus, they can also take a photo with an official Iron Throne for social media!


The Pittsburgh Pirates have their logo on this special glass beer mug with a “House Pirates” crest on the front. Because what says baseball and Game of Thrones more than a giant stein of beer?


San Diego Padres’ Themed Games

From Bruce Lee night to 80’s night, to Christmas in July, and even Nurse Appreciation weekend, it’s really hard to choose a favorite theme from the San Diego Padres.



We love seeing all these great promotional products in professional sports, but you don’t have to be in the major leagues to show off your team pride. We’ve got hundreds of promotional products that are perfect for teams of all sizes! Contact us today to get started.

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