• FAQs

Are promotional products worth it? What’s the benefit?
Hands down, yes, especially compared to other traditional advertising methods like print ads, radio spots or billboards. When you give a quality logoed promo product to a prospect or client, they’re very likely to keep (or share) that item (hello, pens, mugs, padfolios, pizza cutters and bottle openers) at their office or at home for months. Besides bringing your brand to life, these logoed products keeps you top of mind when your giftees need your products and services.

Does Black Rhino Marketing only sell products?
No way! In-demand logoed products are only the tip of our proverbial (and massive) marketing iceberg. Our team offers deep marking expertise, knowledge of lots of industry verticals, and of course, lots of unique campaign ideas that incorporate promo products.

What if I don’t see a product on your website that I’m looking for?
Just drop us a quick email! We’ll be happy to give you our best recommendations for products that will work with your campaign or event. Looking for recommendations from our team? Head over to our Project Building page to connect with us.

What if I don’t know what sort of product I’m looking for?
We’ve got your back! Again, email us or visit our Project Building page to tell us a little more about your marketing goal, branding challenge, campaign or event, and we can make some stellar recommendations.

Can I see a product in person before I order it?
Yes, we do have blank or decorated samples available upon request. However, you’ll need to provide us with a valid shipper number to get these marketing goodies in your hands.

What’s MOQ? And what if I need less than MOQ?
When we say MOQ, we’re talking about minimum order quantity. On certain items you’ll need to order a minimum quantity. Yes, on certain products, you can opt to order below MOQ, but you’ll pay slightly more per piece.

What’s EQP?
EQP is end-quantity pricing. That’s the lowest-priced column of pricing we offer for a particular product. In the promo products industry, our suppliers offer a few levels of pricing based on the quantity you order. Over here at Black Rhino, we are part of a buying group that gives us preferential pricing. What does that mean as a customer? We pass along these savings to you!

What’s a setup charge, and why do I need to pay it?
When you send us your logo or artwork, there’s prep work involved on the decorator’s end. That skilled professional sets up your art and readies the imprinting equipment to print your logo on your products. We do charge for that very essential step in the process.

Why do I pay more for my logo to in full color?
Screen printing jobs, for example, usually print one color at a time. If you want multiple colors, we’re looking more than one trip through the machine, for a totally worth-it upcharge for vibrantly decorated items.

What does vector file format mean?
We’ll request your logo or artwork vector file (also known as an EPS file) so that we can produce crisp, clean graphics on your promo product. Other lesser-quality file types can result in a grainy logo on your items. We don't want that. Adobe Illustrator is an example of a vector graphics program that uses mathematical formulas to create your logo or image, resulting in the best quality possible. We always recommend working with a designer to create your vector files.

How much time in advance do I need to place my order?
Our standard answer: The more lead time you can give us, the better. Thirty days is a good rule of thumb. (And yes, we know that rush orders are a fact of life, so if you find yourself short on time, but need logoed products, we’re here to help.)

What’s my production time?
That’s the time block from when you approve your virtual proof to when we ship out your high-quality logoed products. Of course, while production time varies by product, it’s usually a few days.  

Can my order be shipped to multiple locations?
Yes, of course. Be aware that you may incur additional split-shipment fees. The best way to get in the know about it is to ask us.

When will I receive my invoice?
We’ll send your invoice after we ship your order.

What’s the best way to pay my invoice?
We accept checks and credit cards. We’re all about convenience.